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Keelings Snack Pots, Fruit on the Go!!!

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Get one of your five a day, the snack pot way!!

Keelings identified a distinct gap in the market for individual fresh fruit portions for people leading busy lifestyles who want to incorporate “1 of their 5 a day” into their daily diet. In the lead up to Snack Pots’ development, Keelings completed an extensive market research project to understand current fruit snacking behaviour within the Irish market. Speaking about the company’s latest product innovation, David Keeling commented “The reality for many people especially aged from 25 to 40 years is that they are leading busier and more active lifestyles than ever. Our research would suggest that for many juggling work and home life there is less time to pre-prepare healthy snacks. Snack Pots widen the choice customers have when opting for a nutritious snack on the go. Snack Pot’s compact packaging means each pots’ fruit can be eaten with no mess. Snack Pots are also easy to pack in a handbag or store in a car drink holder with minimum fuss”.


Keelings’ dedicated Nutritionist Aveen Bannon, worked closely with the team during the Snack Pot development process. Aveen recommended the size and weight of each Snack Pot in line with the standard portion that constitutes “1 of your 5 a day”. Speaking about the benefits of Snack Pots, Aveen points out. “Eating your 5 a day can reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases like heart disease and certain cancers by 20%! For taste, health and weight control fruit should always be a first snack choice and Snack Pots that offer a combination of different coloured fresh fruits are a perfect way to get a variety of all of the health benefits that fruit can offer. Apart from being tasty, versatile and a quick easy snack option fruits are low fat, fibre rich foods that naturally provide uswith essential immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Berries, cherries and grapes are the perfect addition to the family diet as they are packed with vitamin C, folate, fibre, potassium and health boosting phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are compounds present in plant foods that give fruits their characteristic colour and are vital for good health. Berries and cherries are rich sources of polyphenols and anthocyanin, which prevent bacteria from attaching to cells, are good for our eyes and may protect against certain cancers”.

Keelings Snack Pot varieties include, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Mixed Berries and Grapes. Snack Pots are now available in Tesco, Dunnes and Superquinn stores nationwide.

Hector Wakes Up The Nation Live From Keelings!

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2FM’s Breakfast with Hector broadcasted live from Keelings’ strawberry glasshouse

Thursday 28th March 2013

2FM’s Breakfast with Hector broadcasted live from Keelings’ strawberry glasshouse on Friday 22nd March from 7-9am to highlight Keelings as a successful 100% family owned Irish company with over 1,400 employees. Hector learned about the strawberry growing process and checked on the likely arrival date of the first Keeling’s Irish strawberry of the year.

Hector-David-1024x768Hector also found out the history of the company (now run by the third generation of the family) through chatting with father and son Joe and David Keeling. Aveen Bannon, Keelings’ Nutritionist was also on hand to share the nutritional benefits of strawberries with Hector. Aveen mentioned how, “Strawberries are high in fibre and relatively low in sugar, a great source of vitamin C, fibre, potassium and phytochemicals”.


The Keeling family’s expertise in growing dates back to 1896 when the family worked a farm in the Donabate area of County Dublin. The current farm was established in 1926 and in the 1930s Keelings began growing fruits and salads and supplying them to the local Dublin markets. With such a long history of growing, Keelings look forward to sharing their knowledge, passion and love for healthy produce with you and your family.

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