Keelings began to produce fruits and rhubarb in the 1930s, supplying product to the local Dublin markets.


The 1970s saw the growth of supermarket retailing. To meet this change in demand, the company, as it operates today, was founded in 1973. During this time our business grew in size and scope. We diversified into other produce categories and began shipping, sourcing and distributing fresh produce around the world into Ireland, the UK and European markets. We continued to focus on our growing traditions and invested heavily in state-of-the-art glasshouses.


We founded Keelings Solutions, which introduced advanced supply chain methods and computer software systems to ensure effective distribution of produce to customers.


We continue our proud tradition of innovation by adding cherries and Irish lilies to our growing portfolio. We have enriched our growing knowledge through global sourcing of produce, creating a worldwide network of important business partnerships based on mutual learning and respect for what we do. And in what counts as a major marketing initiative, we have successfully launched our Keelings ‘Love to Grow®’ brand into the Irish Market.