In developing Keelings Solutions, we built on what we knew and were already good at. Our objective is to deliver bespoke business solutions that enable companies to maximise their own productivity and profitability

Keelings Logistics Solutions

Keelings Logistics Solutions provides temperature controlled fresh and frozen food distribution services. We manage a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled global retailer distribution centre where we deliver over a million cases of product every week to more than 130 stores in the Irish market.

We successfully meet the challenges on a daily basis on behalf of an extremely service-driven and customer-focused client. Since 1998 we have honed our skills and developed a team that offers first-class professional supply-chain service and solutions to prospective clients.

Keelings Solutions

Keelings Solutions supply a suite of software and services that provides industry-focused solutions in procurement, stock management, warehouse and production planning, as well as sales and quality assurance. Our systems, which are tailored for small and medium-sized businesses through a light turnkey product and tailored for larger corporations through an enterprise solution, drive improved profitability.

Our support, training and consultancy services assist companies in maximising efficiency and profitability, and ensure that best practices are introduced and adhered to. Special features of the Keelings Information Systems include:

  1. Fresh-produce-focused solutions
  2. Built by experts in the industry
  3. Product features, functionality and performance
  4. Dynamically delivered to meet changing demands of industry
  5. Modern look and feel
  6. Ease-of-use
  7. Easy access to enterprise-wide experts