Retail – Farms

We’ve been growing since the 1930s and we believe our expertise gives us a defining competitive advantage in the production of soft fruits, top fruit, salads and flowers. Our growing facilities employ the most environmentally advanced initiatives, including extensive use of recyclable growing mediums as well as a new CHP (Combined Heat and Power) facility. We constantly develop more effective methods of biological crop control, which enables us to continuously reduce the reliance on chemical products year-on-year.

We understand the importance of innovation. Our extensive R&D team are constantly trialling new varieties to ensure best quality and value from locally sourced produce. All our farm businesses are GlobalGap, Customer and Bord Bia accredited.


Soft Fruits

On our farm at St. Margarets, Keeling grows strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. We produce approximately 150 million strawberries each year, which accounts for 50% of all Irish-grown strawberries. In the past few years, further significant investment in state-of-the-art glasshouses has enabled us to extend the Irish growing season from March to December – a first for any Irish company and a significant innovation for Keelings. The strawberry production is 100% tabletop, using coconut coir – a practical renewable resource.


Keelings grow several different varieties of glasshouse and outdoor lettuce for the Irish market. Tastes are constantly developing. Therefore new varieties are being introduced to take account of the customer’s desire for new flavours.

Top Fruit – Apples

Keelings first planted Bramley Apples in the 1940s. Covering over 70 acres, we now grow over 680 tons of eating and Bramley apples annually. The quantity produced covers year-round supply of Irish Bramley Apples by using controlled storage techniques.

Stone Fruit

We expanded our orchards to include cherries which are now grown on 2 hectares. Our Irish cherries are very sweet and are very popular in our Farm Shop during the short season in the summer. This initiative is yet another example of Keelings moving with the times to answer consumer needs.