Values And Mission

People Matter

  • We encourage and enable individuals to develop to their full potential within the group.
  • We actively promote methods of communication which are based on trust, respect and dignity and consideration of the feelings of others.
  • We will keep promises and do our utmost to honour time and other commitments.
  • Managers will understand that the key to having influence with their staff is for their staff to perceive that they have influence over them.
  • We will remember that the majority of communication is nonverbal and we will, therefore, use encouraging body language.
  • We will radiate positive energy.
  • We will be proactive in not allowing bullying and disrespectful behaviours.


  • We will build on our strengths and strive to complement our weaknesses with the strength of others.
  • We will encourage each other and recognise and celebrate each other’s successes.
  • We will use positive language to encourage contribution and participation from everyone.
  • We will make finding time for others and carefully listening to their ideas a priority.
  • We will be completely supportive of the decisions of the team once they have been made.
  • We will be active participants in our team(s), whether departmental / cross functional / cross company, and we will meet our commitments to the team.
  • We will actively find out what other departments do and will understand the impact we have on others.


  • We will be familiar with and comply with all Company policies and procedures.
  • We will act in an honest and trustworthy manner with our colleagues.
  • We will consistently display the highest standards of professionalism in our dealings, internally and externally.
  • We will only commit ourselves, our colleagues and the Company in the knowledge that we have the capability and resources to meet our commitments.
  • We will exercise discretion in the use of information and be aware of the appropriateness or otherwise of sharing such information.

Passion for Achievement

  • We will manage the resource of time to ensure that we are focused on achieving our primary objectives.
  • We will proactively ask for ideas and suggestions for improvement in our day-to-day work.
  • We will support the implementation of ideas which have potential for improving the business.
  • We will publicly recognise colleagues for their achievements and improvement ideas.
  • We will create and maintain an appetite for change through innovation and product development.
  • We will set goals which push and motivate us and we will show unwavering determination to achieve targets despite setbacks and obstacles.
  • We will establish performance-related personal goals for each colleague and we will discuss and review these goals with the employee throughout the year.
  • We will plan the future of our business in a strategic, analytical manner using strategic tools and processes.

Seasonal work at Keelings

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Our Values are
  • People Matter
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Passion for Achievement