How to have a healthy and eggcellent fun Easter! 

By April 7, 2023Nutrition Blog


How to have a healthy and eggcellent fun Easter! 

The Easter bunny may bring lots of Easter eggs and excitement. However, this year let’s look at some ways to enjoy a healthier Easter while still leaving some room for chocolate!

Easter is all about bunnies and eggs, so why not get off to a cracking start with eggs for breakfast! Making pancakes into bunny shapes and decorating with berries to make eyes, nose, and mouth can be a fun and healthy family activity. Whether you enjoy them boiled, punched or scrambled or as a base for lovely pancakes, a protein-rich breakfast with fibre-rich fruit is a great, nutritious start to the day.

Decorating eggs is another beautiful tradition that kids love! Painting hard-boiled eggs or, if you are courageous, emptying the egg contents first is a lovely fun family activity that children love. You could also try egg and spoon races or a daffodil drawing competition.

Food is fun, and we can use healthy foods to create a fun Easter vibe. Why not take inspiration from the Easter bunny and enjoy some carrots! You could add houmous, salsa or guacamole to colourful dishes and chop some carrots to dip in. Hot cross buns are another delicious Easter tradition with many variations we can try; blueberry and lemon, apple and cinnamon, or raspberry and chocolate hot cross buns! Baking and cooking are fun activities kids tend to love, and experimenting is even better!

With all these activities, there is still time for an Easter egg hunt. Depending on the age of your kids, you could try bunny hopping as you search for those eggs! One thing I often advise is never to have treats when you are hungry… doing this increases the risk of eating more to satisfy your appetite. So by ensuring you have nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day when you choose to have some yummy Easter chocolate, you’ll eat it in smaller amounts!

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