Pears are not commercially grown in Ireland. They grow in the temperate zone and in the cool highlands of the sub tropical regions. To ensure a year-long supply, Keelings import pears from Italy, South Africa, Portugal, New Zealand, UK and The Netherlands.


Keelings Tip

Pears will continue to ripen at home so ripen pears to suit your taste.

Health Benefit

Pears are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. The fibre in Pears stimulates the muscles of the digestive tract to move waste products more quickly and produces fatty acids that nourish the intestinal wall. Pears therefore help prevent toxins building up in the intestinal wall and may protect against cancer of the lower bowel.

When In Season

Imports are available year round

How to Store?

Pears benefit from storage at 0ºC.

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