Pineapples are not commercially grown in Ireland. Keelings imports pineapples year round from Costa Rica and the Ivory Coast. Other producing and exporting countries include Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Ecuador, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Thailand and Mexico.


Keelings Tip

Contrary to common belief that the ease of a removal of a leaf from the crown determines the ripeness of the fruit, this is not true;Pineapples are only harvested once they are ripe.

Health Benefit

Pineapples contain a powerful enzyme called bromelain that breaks down protein similar to digestion and are eaten in Hawaii as a delicious cure for digestive problems. Gargling fresh pineapple juice is an effective folk medicine for sore throats.

When In Season

Imports are available year round

How to Store?

Store at around 10ºC to avoid chilling damage to the fruits. Pineapples stored at room temperature should be eaten within two days.

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