Melons are not commercially grown in Ireland or the UK as we are in the temperate zone and this does not encourage growth. Keelings import a variety of melons from around the world to supply the Irish and UK markets.


Keelings Tip

Choose melons that are firm.

Health Benefit

Melons stimulate the kidneys. Watermelons are a recommended in traditional medicine as a remedy for bladder problems.

When In Season

Most melon varieties, such as Galia and Cantaloupe, are available year round. Watermelons are best in season from January through to May.

How to Store?

Storage instructions vary depending on the type of melons. The most popular varieties include: Cantaloupe melons (3ºC-5ºC), Cantaline melons( 6ºC-10ºC), Galia melons (5ºC-8ºC), Watermelons (10ºC-13ºC) and Yellow honeydew melons ( 10ºC- 13ºC). Keep the melon varieties separate as the some decay faster than others when stored together.

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