In Ireland, tomatoes are grown under glass and are allowed to ripen naturally during the summer months. Beef, Plum, Cherry, Vine and loose tomato are the main varieties. Tomatoes are also grown in Holland, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, Saudi Arabia, Sicily, Sardinia, Turkey and England. Keelings import tomatoes from Spain, Morocco and Canary Islands outside of the Irish season.


Keelings Tip

Choose tomatoes that are a rich, bright red and are free from discolourations and bruises. Ripe tomatoes will be more fragrant and will yield to slight pressure

Health Benefit

You can improve the iron content of tomatoes by cooking them in an iron pan or pot. The tomatoes leech iron from the pan which then becomes available as dietary iron. This is a great way of increasing your iron levels to fight off fatigue and anaemia.

When In Season

Irish season starts in February to the end of October.

How to Store?

Store ripe tomatoes at 8ºC-10ºC.

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