Keelings Apples

We first planted apples in the early 1940s.
Covering 139 acres, we now grow over 4 million
apples annually. The quantity produced covers year round
supply of Irish Apples by using CO² cold storage techniques.

Keelings Apples

Keelings Tip

Choose firm apples free of shrivel. Some varieties may have a rough texture which is ‘russet’ but this doesn’t affect the flavour.

Health Benefit

An apple is a bonus for your heart, the pectin and Vitamin C in apples help keep cholesterol levels stable. The acids in apples help neutralize the acid by-products of indigestion, and help your body cope with excess protein and rich fatty foods.

When In Season

Keelings apples are picked in September and October annually

How to Store?

Store in cold dry place with temperatures just above 0ºC. Ripe apples release a ripening stimulant so be careful of storing them in a bowl with other ripe fruit.

Did you Know?

One apple tree can produce 400 apples a year.

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