Tasty, good quality fruit deserves its moment to shine. And what better way than through a new recipe. Here at Keelings we love experimenting and trying out new recipes to bring our fruit to life! We believe there’s a recipe for every occasion and a fruit for every recipe! All our recipes are easy to moderate... each with a special Keelings twist!
Explore and enjoy all our recipes in the gallery below…

Melon Ginger GranitaChill with our refreshing Melon Ginger Granita recipe—bursting with the sweet essence of juicy melons in every icy bite!
Bramley Apple PieMake an apple pie with delicious Keelings Irish Bramley apples. Serve hot or cold with ice cream or whipped cream. Serve hot or cold with ice cream or whipped cream.
Apple Frangipane TartLooking to impress? This apple frangipane tart tastes as good as it looks with layers of apples making a stunning rose pattern.
Blackberry & Goat’s Cheese QuicheNeed something quick and easy that tastes good? Well look no further than this quiche recipe using juicy blackberries, thyme and goat's cheese.
Raspberry upside down cakeBrighten up your day with a slice of this eye catching raspberry upside-down cake - perfect balance of sweet and tart
Irish Strawberry No Bake CheesecakeA quick and easy no-bake strawberry cheesecake. Made with cream cheese, cream and Keelings strawberries... it will soon be a family favourite!
Irish Strawberry Cream SpongeEnjoy our classic strawberry cream sponge cake recipe. A simple Victoria sponge filled with double cream and Keelings Irish strawberries. It's a summer favourite and a perfect way to end the holidays.
Frozen Berry BarkIrish raspberries, blueberries and strawberries combined with yoghurt and sweet honey make for a simple summer treat!
Strawberry Lemonade CakeThis strawberry lemonade cake has a delicious moist sponge covered with buttercream frosting and fresh Irish strawberries and lemons.
Apple DonutsSlice up some of our delicious Keelings Irish eating apples and make these fun and yummy "donuts"
Apple Bircher MuesliStart your day off right with this Apple Bircher recipe! It's the perfect breakfast for autumn mornings.
Summer Strawberry & Vanilla CakeThis cake is a real showstopper - a light sponge is layered with fresh Keeling's strawberries and coated in a beautiful pink buttercream.
Summer Grazing BoardSnack on this Summer Grazing Board in your garden for the ultimate chill weekend! Add some edible flowers for that finishing touch. 🌸
Blueberry Bran MuffinsThis Januberry, at the heart of a healthy start are these delicious Blueberry Muffins. Not your usual recipe, these Muffins are made using healthy alternative ingredients and juicy Keeling's blueberries!
Winter grazing boardThere isn’t a strict recipe to follow when building a grazing board. Often, a variety of sweet & salty with smooth & crunchy is what makes a grazing board appealing to look at and delicious to eat!
Strawberry & Chocolate CakeThis decadent Strawberry & Chocolate consists of two sponges filled and topped with Keelings Irish strawberries and covered in chocolate ganache
Strawberry PavlovaOur Strawberry Pavlova recipe really is the star of the snow! ❄️🍓 This dessert will go down a treat this Christmas!
Black Forest CakeThis Black Forest Cake is the perfect dessert for any occasion with layers of sponge and a luxurious filling made with Keelings Cherries and cream. You can add cherry liqueur to the simple syrup if you want or you can leave it out.
Strawberry CupcakesCelebrate the Irish strawberry season with this delicious Strawberry Cupcake recipe! It's the perfect recipe to use the best, juicy, Irish strawberries when they are available!
Berry Bakewell CakeLooking for a Christmas Showstopper this year? Look no further – this Berry Bakewell Cake not only looks and tastes spectacular it is also really easy to make.
Raspberry Heart GaletteWe're all loved up on Raspberry Heart Galette! Valentines or galentines? This recipe covers all bases!
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