Keelings Blackberries

Blackberries are found growing by the roadside all over Ireland in the months of June and July. In fact, they have been part of our diet for centuries due to their availability and delicious taste…. But the latest reasons to eat blackberries are multiple… they are naturally low in fat, sugar and calories plus scientific research has shown us that they really are natural health boosters.

Keelings Blueberries

Keelings Tip

The really tasty berries are the plump but firm, rich-coloured berries.

Health Benefit

Although they contain many nutrients, blackberries, like all berries, are bursting with phytochemicals (plant nutrients) which may have the potential to reduce the risk of developing diseases including cancers and heart disease.

When In Season

Irish season starts in July and runs until end October. Imports available year round.


How to Store?

Store in the refrigerator at 3ºC .

To find out more, visit our Health & Nutrition page.

Don’t bin – FREEZE!

To reduce food waste, why not freeze your extra berries instead of binning them?

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