Keelings Blueberries

Berries have been part of the human diet for centuries. While there is no doubt that they are delicious, it’s great to know that they do us some good also!   Berries are among the best fruits on the planet as they are densely packed with a variety of health-enhancing phytochemcials that can do wonders to normalize and improve health. What’s more, since they are high in fibre and relatively low in sugar, berries are a great choice to help you stick to your weight-loss plan.

Keelings Blueberries

Keelings Tip

For blueberries, choose plump, firm, dry berries that are dark blue with a silvery bloom and free from stems and leaves.

Health Benefit

Many hail blueberries as a ‘superfood’.  Blueberries contain antioxidants which have disease-fighting properties that protect cells from damage by substances called free radicals. Research has shown that by eating Blueberries you can help prevent cancer.

When In Season

July, August and September (Irish season). Imports available year round


How to Store?

Store in the refrigerator at 3ºC .

Did you Know?

Blueberries contain 50% more antioxidants than strawberries, 100% more than oranges and 400% more than broccoli.

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Don’t bin – FREEZE!

To reduce food waste, why not freeze your extra berries instead of binning them?

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