Keelings Raspberries

Keelings Soft Fruit grow 500 linear kilometres of crop producing 2500 tonnes of 100% protected Irish berries between April and Mid December. Our 5 hectare glasshouse, in addition to our existing glass, tunnel and field crops, ensures we are the largest softfruit glasshouse growers in Ireland. This also takes 313 trucks off our roads annually that would traditionally have been used to import softfruit. Keelings Farms have achieved Eurepgap certification for their strawberry, raspberry and blackberry production in Ireland.

Keelings Raspberries

Keelings Tip

We recommend storing them in the fridge but best leave them at room temperature for an hour before eating to increase their naturally sweet taste!

Health Benefit

As with all fruits and vegetables, raspberries are a great source of fibre. They contain a certain type of fibre called soluble fibre which helps to control blood glucose levels, reduce cholesterol, keeps the bowel healthy and even reduces the risk of colon cancer!

When In Season

Irish season is May to November. Imports available year round


How to Store?

Store in the refrigerator at 3┬║C

Did you Know?

Raspberries are particularly rich in both Vitamin C and folate.

To find out more, visit our Health & Nutrition page

Don’t bin – FREEZE!

To reduce food waste, why not freeze your extra berries instead of binning them?

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