Keelings Strawberries

We are the only Irish grower producing 100% table top strawberries, a method of growing strawberries that limits the build-up of pests and diseases, thus ensuring the highest quality strawberries.In 2009, we built a new 50,508 square meters state of the art strawberry glasshouse on our farm, resulting in the ability to produce over 100 million Irish Strawberries for the Irish market and extend the season into December. This ensures Keelings are the largest soft fruit growers in Ireland and will produce the earliest, latest and tastiest strawberries in Ireland.


Keelings Tip

Look for strawberries with a deep red colour. Sweet, ripe strawberries are also going to have a great strawberry smell to them as well.

Health Benefit

Strawberries are very high in vitamin C and fibre.
Five strawberries (or a half a serving) contain more antioxidant power than three apples or four bananas and provide more vitamin C than an entire orange.

When In Season

Irish Season runs from April to mid December. Imports available year round.


How To Store

Store in the refrigerator at 3ÂșC.

Don’t bin – FREEZE!

To reduce food waste, why not freeze your extra berries instead of binning them?

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