Berries have been part of the human diet for centuries. While there is no doubt that they are delicious, it’s great to know that they do us some good also. Packed with a variety of health-enhancing properties, blueberries are some of the best fruits on the planet! Read on to find out more about these delicious, best quality blueberries…


The Lifetime of
a Blueberry plant


Blueberry plants generally take between 4-8 years before they start producing any blueberries but can live for up to 50 years.


How to grow
your own Blueberries:

Blueberry plants are easy to maintain – just remember to use acidic compost/soil and water with rainwater regularly. You can grow them any time of the year but remember that they only harvest fruit between July and September. The 2 main ways in which you can grow your own blueberries at home:

Top Tip

We recommend buying a plant already a few years old so that you can reap the benefits of blueberries as soon as possible. These are readily available in your local garden centre.

From a pot

Water your plant before replanting. Fill half the pot with acidic soil-based compost, place your plant into the pot and cover with the remaining compost. Pat down firmly and water well. Keep the soil wet at all times using rainwater and feed every month during the growing season (April to September). Also remember to place in a sunny spot to get the best out of your plant.

From the ground

Make sure to plant your blueberry bush somewhere sunny but which also receives some shade. Water you plant before planting out. Dig you hole as deep as the pot deep and twice as wide, loosening the plants roots and placing into the ground. Cover up to the stem with acidic soil and ensure it’s adequately watered with rainwater.

Tips & Tricks


Choose plump firm & dry blueberries that are dark blue with a silvery bloom and free from stems or leaves


Blueberries are best eaten slightly chilled or at room temperature


Only wash your blueberries just before eating

& Nutrition

Many hail blueberries as a ‘superfood’. Blueberries contain antioxidants which have disease-fighting properties that protect cells from damage and are also high in potassium and vitamins C. Not only do they lower the risk of heart disease, improve memory research has also shown that by eating blueberries you can help prevent cancer.


Blueberries contain 50% more antioxidants than strawberries, 100% more than oranges and 400% more than broccoli!


Did you know? Blueberries are the only food that is truly naturally blue in colour. This blue pigmentation is also the reason blueberries have amazing health benefits


A single blueberries plant can produce up to 6,000 blueberries every year!


The dusty coating on a blueberry is referred to as “Bloom” and acts as a natural shield towards insects – it also keeps the blueberry fresher for longer

Our Growers

“You have to be very delicate when handling blueberries. The best way to pick blueberries from a plant is to comb them into your hands and the best way to eat them is in bunches!”

Denis, Senior Grower

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