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The lifetime of
a strawberry


Strawberry plants are perennial meaning they can
last a very long time. Generally, though the lifespan
of a Strawberry plant is 2-3 years.


How to grow
your own Strawberries

There are 3 main ways in which you can grow your own strawberries at home

From a Runner

Strawberry runners are available from your local garden centre. You should plant your runner in a sheltered spot in your garden which receives lots of sunlight. Add plenty of compost to your soil before planting and make sure to water regularly. Plant your runners at least 30-45 cm apart so they have room to grow, ensuring their roots are buried into the soil.

From Seed

Your journey will start indoors if you decide to grow strawberries from a seed. You will need to sow your seeds in a shallow container filled with compost. Sprinkle your seeds on top of the compost and very lightly cover. Spray water over your seeds daily to keep moist. The germination stage can take up to 8 weeks – slow and steady! Keep misting and providing your seeds with lots of light. Once the seedlings have sprouted, they are ready to be brought outside to adapt to the cooler climate (make sure to bring them in at night). Once they double in size you can now plant them onto into a flowerbed – remember to keep well-watered and in a well-lit area.

In a hanging basket

Strawberries grow extremely well in hanging baskets and are the perfect method if you don’t have a big garden - or live in an apartment. Ensure there is a layer of gravel/small stones in the base of your basket followed by a deep layer of compost/soil. Make sure to water regularly.

Tips & Tricks


Your berries will be tastiest at a nice cool temperature of between 2-4ºC


Look for strawberries with a deep red colour. Sweet, ripe strawberries will also have a beautiful strawberry smell to them as well.


To reduce food waste, why not freeze your leftover berries instead of binning them?

& Nutrition

Strawberries are a superfruit and one of the best fruits you can eat nourishing your body from head to toe. They are packed full of a variety of nutrients and powerful antioxidants such as fibre, folate, vitamin C & potassium– all of which help reduce the risk of serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes & heart disease.


5 Strawberries contain more antioxidant power than 3 apples or 4 bananas and provide more vitamin C than an entire orange.


Strawberries are a low glycemic fruit and like most more fruit are fat free!


Did you know? Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside.


Strawberries contain flavonoids which may help boost memory and prevent age-related diseases.

Our Growers

“It’s up to us as growers to assess when the strawberries are ripe. We look at things such as colour and berry size and of course the ultimate decider – a taste test!”

Zac, Assistant Grower

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