Bananas require tropical conditions to grow. Latin America is the biggest banana export region. Parts of Africa and the Caribbean also export to Europe.
Bananas are not commercially grown in Ireland due to our temperate climate.
However Keelings do ripen bananas in our temperature controlled ripening plants.


Keelings Tip

The colour stage of banana indicates its ripeness. As bananas ripen they sweeten and the change and the further the colour, the easier it is to digest. Choose bananas that are free from bruises and discolouration.

Health Benefit

Bananas are packed with nourishment – particularly potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin B6. The banana is one of nature’s most superb Fast Foods.

When In Season

Imports available year round.

How to Store?

Store at 14ºC. Bananas also encourage other fruit to ripen so store them separately from other ripe fruit. Don’t store unripe bananas in the fridge. However, ripe bananas can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Did you Know?

There’s a flower at the end of a banana which tries to grow towards the sun. In doing so it bends the banana, making it curve as it grows.

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