Tasty, good quality fruit deserves its moment to shine. And what better way than through a new recipe. Here at Keelings we love experimenting and trying out new recipes to bring our fruit to life! We believe there’s a recipe for every occasion and a fruit for every recipe! All our recipes are easy to moderate... each with a special Keelings twist!
Explore and enjoy all our recipes in the gallery below…

Frozen Berry BarkIrish raspberries, blueberries and strawberries combined with yoghurt and sweet honey make for a simple summer treat!
Apple Bircher MuesliStart your day off right with this Apple Bircher recipe! It's the perfect breakfast for autumn mornings.
Blueberry Bran MuffinsThis Januberry, at the heart of a healthy start are these delicious Blueberry Muffins. Not your usual recipe, these Muffins are made using healthy alternative ingredients and juicy Keeling's blueberries!
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