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At Home Halloween Activities

Halloween is fast approaching, and we want to bring your family some comforting activities of Halloweens past! From spooky games that you played as a child to new, fun and exciting activities, we have you covered with plenty of ideas for a festive Halloween that will truly move this year’s ghostly celebrations up a level of spookiness.

First up is bobbing for apples. Simply place several Keelings apples into a water-filled bowl. Once the setup is finished, anyone in the household is invited to go searching for apples, collecting them using only their mouths. No hands allowed! What could be better than getting back to basics to give the kids a rich Halloween experience? You might even up the ante by lodging a (sanitised!) coin into some of the apples for a cash prize at the end.

Pin the tail on the donkey might be a fun undertaking for a birthday party, but what about for Halloween? Switch up this classic birthday game and instead play pin the nose on the witch! Simply print out a picture of a witch and tape it to a wall. Next, print out a few copies of a witch’s nose. Cut all the printed noses into their proper nose shape and add a piece of tape to each. To play, gather the family and let each person take turns pinning the nose on the witch while blindfolded and marvel at the finished product: a silly piece of ghostly artwork!

A very interesting game that will certainly give the kids a good scare is the “guess the body part” game. Play this game by creating a mystery box out of a shoebox. Inside of the box, place items such as olives and cauliflower. The aim of this hair-raising game is for the kids to imagine that they are feeling a body part each time they touch a food item. For example, they may touch a pair of eyeballs (olives) or a brain (cauliflower) and so on…This activity is sure to bring out the Halloween spirit in everyone, and it will undoubtedly make some very interesting family memories!

Why not also attempt the swinging apple game? Simply attach an apple to a piece of string, blindfold the first contestant and let them have at trying to bite the apple using their mouths only! Everybody likes competition, so why not time each player to see who can achieve this in the fastest time?

Last but not least, gather the little ones for some good-old-fashioned scary stories in a fort. Create a makeshift fort using blankets, pillows, chairs or tents. At a nightly hour, turn off all (or some of) the lights and exchange frightful ghost stories. To make sure the story doesn’t get too spooky, let the kids make the stories up as they go—nothing beats hearing a make-believe story that transports you to another world!

Hopefully these ideas have given you some direction for your Halloween at home this year, and don’t forget that no matter what activities you decide to do, it’s as fun to scare as it is to be scared!

What are you and your family doing to celebrate Halloween this year?

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