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How To Make Halloween Fun At Home This Year

Dress up, decorate the house and make some Halloween treats that all of the family can enjoy. In fact, it is the perfect opportunity to embrace old traditions and teach kids that there is more to Halloween than trick or treating!

Get kids involved in decorating the house and preparing fun Halloween treats. Scraping out the pumpkin is always a lot of fun, and a gooey mess! But remember to teach your kids that pumpkin is a food and a very nutritious one at that. A great source of vitamin A, pumpkin can be used to make heart-warming soups, pies, muffins and buns—and of course a scary face! So, remember to keep those insides to make some autumnal dishes.

Apples, oranges and pears are great bases to make scary faces, ghosts, witches, spiders and of course tasty treats! Peeled bananas can make a great ghost while providing us with magnesium and vitamin B6. Mandarin oranges are packed with vitamin C to help support the immune system but can make some scary-looking spiders too! Apples are probably considered one of the most traditional fruits of Halloween and a popular fruit with kids—a naturally sweet-tasting, fibre-filled fruit that can make a terrifying ghoul or ghost! Halloween can be just as fun without the sweets!

Halloween parties are always thrilling with themed games and tricks that be enjoyed by all of the family. If within the same family grouping, you could try bobbing for apples, trying to take a bite out of an apple on a string or find the piece of barmbrack with the hidden ring.

Trick or treating may be slightly different this year, so why not focus on the trick aspect of Halloween instead! As a family, you could tell a ghost story or recite a scary poem. You could try a Halloween dance and entertain your neighbours at a safe social distance. Decorate some face coverings with ghosts, ghouls and witches!

Top tips:

  1. Don’t buy too many sweets and treats for Halloween. Leftovers can do just as much damage!
  2. Make some seasonal fruity treats with the kids. It’s always fun to try something you have made yourself!
  3. Have a good nutritious dinner before the party begins.
  4. Try to encourage a traditional Halloween event; bobbing for apples is great fun and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.
  5. Make some DIY decorations.
  6. Make this year more about the trick than the treat!


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